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Commercial photography doesn’t need to be confined to stark images of buildings, boring head shots or coverage of your annual events.  Step outside of the box and embrace a creative, cost effective and attention grabbing way of marketing your business.  If, however, you’re looking for event coverage, we do that too.  Click here.

Composite Photography

Composite Photography affords the ultimate in flexibility and affordability while also being a powerful way to make a statement in a single image or set of images.  Background plates, or locations, are shot separately without the need for subjects to be there cutting the considerably cost of taking an entire team to a specific location.  The subjects and individual elements are shot in a studio environment and added later in post production.  No more worrying about
weather, commercial shooting licences and running out of daylight.  The limit truly is your imagination.

More important than the costs savings is the power of these images.  You only have a short window to catch a potential client’s attention and in that moment you need to be able to communicate an idea, a lifestyle or a concept in the most succinct way possible.

Take the image below for example.  Everybody with children will relate to this image immediately and perhaps only they will see the little hidden gems inside the image, but the intiial concept of the image is universal and so it works in all arenas.

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